About Us

About Us

SpectrumDNA is a division of Spectrum Solutions. Spectrum Solutions is a worldwide product development and packaging company that has been meeting the needs of our customers for over 10 years.


SpectrumDNA specializes in innovative DNA collection devices. We design and manufacture DNA collection devices that meet the needs of our most discerning customers.



SpectrumDNA can create innovative DNA/genetic testing packaging designs to meet your specific product needs.

Our services include:
- Private labeling on all DNA kit components
- Complete fulfillment capabilities
- Customized bar code tracking 
- Low minimums



SpectrumDNA has the shortest lead times on the market. Regardless of your volume, we will exceed your expectations.



With our transportation partners, we can ship your DNA/genetic test kits directly to you or to your customer anywhere in the world …Tell us where it needs to go and we will get it there.